Community Supported Agriculture

Receive a box of produce for approximately 20 weeks and support local agriculture in your area!
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Our Location:

1 Silvestri Road
Dudley, MA  01571
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Farm Stand Opening Season Hours:

10:00am-5:00pm Daily
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For our 43rd Season, Morse Farms will be starting a new chapter to begin 2021!

Morse Farms will be offering CSA, Community Supported Agriculture.  The customer will purchase a share at this time of year and in return they will receive a box of produce once a week for 20 weeks!
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The CSA supports small farmers and local business.  Local produce looks and tastes better for the customer!

CSA is better quality at cheaper prices!  Morse Farms grows 103 different vegetables which includes multiple varieties like peppers (12 sweet and over 7 hot) and tomatoes, pink and yellow, 10 varieties of cherry tomatoes and 1 Roma with the deepest red color!

The CSA offer will include everything we grow including our number one item - Sweet Corn in butter and sugar, all yellow and all white varieties.

We will offer two CSA's.  Our full share package will be for $500, whjich must be paid in full by April 1st, 2021.  Payments can be in full or an initial payment of $250 and the balance for $250 by installments through April 1st.  This will provide you with a box of fresh produce for approximately 20 weeks, from mid-June through October.

Morse Farms will also offer a 1/2 share for $350, also running for 20 weeks.  The shareholder will receive a $17.50 box of produce for 20 weeks from mid-June through October.

Call us at 774-402-0069 with any questions and interest and we can discuss preferences, for example, whether you like beets or not and the amount of Sweet Corn per box.



20 weeks of produce valued at $25 per box!



20 weeks of produce valued at $17.50 per box!

Sample weekly shares

Below is what a typical full share CSA box may contain at a $25 value.
(1/2 share is approx 35% less)


bunch of radish
bag of spinach
bag of baby leaf spinach
3lbs. peas
bunch of asparagus
summer squash
native strawberries


bunch of radish
1 bag of swiss chard
1/2 dozen corn
1 native blueberries
1 green leaf/1 red leaf
3lbs. peas
1lb. carrots

scallions (green onions)


sweet corn
green bell pepper
frying peppers
tomatoes & cherry tomatoes
native peaches/apples
our own head lettuce

Is a CSA right for you?

If you are a picky eater, a CSA can structure your weekly orders to your liking.  A typical CSA saves the shareholder up to 20% - less expensive than your local grocer.  In addition, your produce is freshly picked - not sitting in back rooms and storage trucks.  Good for you and good for Morse Farms!